Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) feedback on public meeting on the Analysis of the Electoral Amendment Bill on 10 April 2014. See link http://zimbabweassociation.org.uk/diaspora-news/home-news/

On 10 April 2014, the FCO  presented its 2013 Human Rights and Democracy Report.  Zimbabwe is still a Country of Concern.

Judgement in R (Refugee Action) v the Secretary of State for the Home Department has ruled that the Secretary of State’s decision in setting asylum support rates was unlawful, and the Secretary of State has been ordered to retake the decision as to the level at which support should be set.

More details, including the full judgement, can be found here: http://themigrantslawproject.org/our-work/current-cases/asylum-support-rates-refugee-action/

Please see link below for information on visa increases:


Asylum Help is a range of new services helping asylum seekers move through the application system and understand the process. It replaces all other UK government funded asylum advice services and will begin from 1 April 2014.

Contact: Asylum Helpline (Advice) on 0808 8000 630 or http://www.asylumhelpuk.org

The ZA Annual Report 2013 is now available under Reports, click on link http://zimbabweassociation.org.uk/research-and-press/reports/

For ZA AGM 2013 Minutes click on  http://zimbabweassociation.org.uk/events/agm-2013/


UKBA: Operational Guidance Note: Zimbabwe
The OGN  provides Home Office caseworkers with guidance on the nature and handling of the most common types of claims received from nationals/residents of Zimbabwe, including whether claims are or are not likely to justify the granting of asylum, humanitarian protection or discretionary leave. Caseworkers must refer to the relevant asylum instructions for further details of the policy on these areas
Published on Refworld, 13/11/13

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