Global South Africans, African Nationals and other Nationalities will be holding a Peaceful March in London on 25 April 2015, as a collective show of support to all Africans and institutions in South Africa.

Freedom Against Xenophobia”– will start outside Parliament Square at 11:30am  where the statue of  Tat´u Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is situated. We will then continue to the South African Embassy where we will be handing over a petition and memorandum to a representative of the South African High Commission. This petition and memorandum will demonstrate our seriousness, and our dissatisfaction at what is currently happening at home.

For details of a Writing Workshop on 13 May 2015 see link

Click on the link for ZA’s latest newsletter   1 Spring 2015

Migrant Rights Network has launched their “Our Vote 2015″ campaign which calls on the next government to introduce a just and inclusive immigration system.  Visit their site where you can directly e-mail your parliamentary candidates at:

Changes to  asylum support come into force on 6 April 2015. All asylum seekers supported under s95 will  get £36.95 a week for  essential living needs. Greatest impact  is on families as each child under 16 will get approx £16 less each week  (additional amounts payable to pregnant women and children under 3 will continue)

UK FCO Human Rights and Democracy Report 2014 (published 12 March 2015)–2/zimbabwe-country-of-concern

The new health regulations have now been now been published and full details can be accessed at:


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