FutureLearn and The Open University offer MOOC credits –  learners will now be able to use its massive open online courses (MOOCs) to earn academic course credits towards degrees and an MBA, professional qualifications and formal CPD accreditation.

Learners will be able to take part in programmes for free, trying out the course experience and checking its suitability for them before making the decision to pay for a Certificate of Achievement or the final assessment.

The OU Business School are offering two suites of courses that, when completed, can be used for 15 credits towards the MBA or 30 credits towards the BA in Business Studies.

Find out more: http://bit.ly/1WPA35e

Right to Remain has just launched a new updated Toolkit which helps to understand the immigration and asylum system in UK, see link


If you are a nurse or midwife from a BME background who wants to progress in your career, click on link

Chief Nursing Officer – for England BME

Deadline for applications: Monday 15 August 2016

From 18 March 2016  fees will rise by up to 25% for applications for settlement, residence and nationality, see link


The Babbage ruling may affect those without current Zimbabwean passports who are not willing to return voluntarily to Zimbabwe. If you think it affects you, speak to your legal representative.


There is a detailed note about the case together with the judgment and transcripts of the hearing on the Bhatt Murphy website:



Poster ZA association resised



NHS England  guidance on GP registration  states

‘Inability by a patient to provide identification or proof of address would not be considered reasonable grounds to refuse to register a patient’.

For more details see the Doctors of the World blog or read the new NHS England guidelines

Zimbabwe Association AGM – Saturday 7 November 2015 – New trustee, Rex Ejimonyeabala, talking to members



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