BOOK CAFE CLOSES – 2 June 2015
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Thu 21, 5.30pm, BOOK LAUNCH: ‘TEXTURES’ – Poems by JOHN EPPEL and TOGARA MUZANENHAMO – ’amaBooks, Pamberi Trust, The British Council and the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust cordially invite you to the launch of  ‘TEXTURES’ – “A collaboration that spurns the pettiness of competing poetry schools and prescribed content; we see a portrait of love which takes our breath away” (- Fred Simpson).  The poets will be in conversation with Ignatius Mabasa, and will read selected poems from the book.  – Free, all welcome!

Thu 21, 7pm, Garden Stage: EVANS MAPFUMO – A fresh, dynamic sound rooted in the cross-cutting rhythms and powerful vocal traditions of Africa.  Free, all welcome.  FREE!

Thu 21, 8pm, Main Stage: SIMUKA COMEDY – Zimbabwe’s leading stand-up comedy platform – presents:  “SHOW ME THE FUNNY” even though no one asked for it to be shown – with a lineup of some of Zimbabwe’s top comedians, ‘Q’, SEB DIESEL, PROSPER THE COMIC PASTOR & SIMBA THE COMIC KING.  – cc$5

Fri 22, 5.30pm, Main Stage: D-BLOK KEISLIM – A multi-faceted lyricist with the aim ‘to please and to deliver meaningful messages to the masses’; a rapper whose style is soul fused with rock; an emerging female artist backed by a live band, featuring VERA CHISVO & THA H^NAE on vocals. – cc$5

Fri 22, 8pm, Main Stage: HOPE MASIKE – An Africa Day Special: ‘Greatest African Love Songs’ – Hot off the HIFA stage where she performed with the world famous Salif Keita, Hope celebrates Africa Day with some of the great love songs to come out of Africa! – (cc$5 before 9pm, $10 after)

Sat 23, 1-5pm, Garden Stage: JIBILIKA DANCE FESTIVAL 2015 PROVINCIAL PRELIMINARIES kick off!  Zimbabwe’s premier annual youth dance festival by the Jibilika Dance Trust celebrates both urban and cultural dances and runs in competition format. HARARE Preliminary kicks off at The Book Café from 1-5pm – Admission $2.  (All dancers and crews Register via Whatsapp or SMS  on 0775 497 356).

Sat 23, 7pm, Garden Stage: POETRY and… STORYTELLING – with poets Barbra Breeze Anderson, Mazvita Younique, and Dimitri Kwenda, in collaboration with music artists Alexio Kawara, Edith weUtonga and Lincoln Mandengu.  …‘An initiative to bring to life stories that encompass, stories that shape moments and storis that awaken hope – stories of living, of hights and lows and of the realisation of the strength within’ –  cc$5

Sat 23, 8pm, Main Stage: TRANSIT CREW – Roots Rock Reggae!  A music crew in transit for 27 years, featuring great reggae artists including veterans Munya Nyemba (bass), Samaita Zindi (guitar) and the return of Mannex Motsi (vocals) – a delight for reggae-lovers across the board – cc$5 (first 10 ladies FREE!)

Sun 24 and Mon 25 (AFRICA DAY) – BOOK CAFÉ CLOSED.

Tue 26, 5.30pm, HER Zimbabwe Discussion: ‘ UNDERSTANDING AFRICAN IDENTITIES: What does it mean to be African?  Can ‘African-ness’ be measured or fully explained?  What does identity mean for all who call themselves African?  This discussion aims to unpack what it means to be African in the Zimbabwean context.  With speakers: William Chui, Sunanda Ray, Nqaba Matshazi. – Free, all welcome

Tue 26, 7pm, Main Stage: GUDO GURU – fresh new Afro fusion at the Book Cafe – cc$5

Wed 27, 6pm, FREE FILM: ‘Wednesday Film Club’ presents the latest and best films, documentaries and short films from Zimbabwe around the world. Mix and mingle with Zimbabwe’s dynamic young community of filmmakers. FREE, all welcome.

Wed 27, 7pm, Garden Stage: FUNK SOUL BROTHER – a cool mix of funk, soul, reggae and old skool from DJ Irie Lion  ++ draught beer available! – entry FREE!

Wed 27, 8pm, Main Stage, NORMAN MASAMBA & POINT BLANK – a brilliant young guitarist forging his own path in the music scene. cc$5

Thu 28, 5.30pm, Book Launch, by XAVIER CARELSE: “THE CHILDREN OF HAM: The Cyrenian Chronicles” – The central figure in the story is Simon of Cyrene, an African who carried the cross behind Jesus on the way to Calvary.  He and his father are the pioneers who open up the African hinterland to the benefit of Cyrene and the other nations around the Mediterranean Sea.  The book explores the accomplishments of Africa at the time of the Roman Empire, when Cyrene becomes it’s third most prosperous colony.  Free, all welcome.

Thu 28, 6pm, The HARARE OPEN BOOK CLUB meet to explore the book ‘THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST’ – a novel by Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid published in 2007, and shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, New York Times Bestseller.  The novel uses the technique of a frame story, which takes place during the course of a single evening in an outdoor Lahore café… – Free, all welcome

Thu 28, 7pm, Garden Stage: EVANS MAPFUMO – A fresh, dynamic sound rooted in the cross-cutting rhythms and powerful vocal traditions of Africa.  Free, all welcome.

Thu 28, 8pm, Main Stage: ‘IGNITION NIGHT’ – 3rd Edition – an up and close concert with Rumbie Wengoma, Tendex, Tapz Munya and Liberty Mathole: solo artists coming up together to create a fusion of Drums, Mbira and Guitar. – cc$5 (Advance tickets available. Contact 0774 683 526, 0776 117 637)

Fri 29, 7pm, Garden Stage: MBIRA GARDEN: with NYAMASVISVA & MAWUNGIRA ENHARIRA – Opening with MADENDERA ekuMABVAZUVA – a great performance of traditional mbira music – a popular show for mbira-lovers and a must-see for all visitors to Harare. cc$5

Fri 29, 8pm, Main Stage: CYNTHIA MARE – the multiple award-winner is back at Book Café with another exciting show. Expect a night of great music on this ‘JIVE FRIDAY’, the 5th edition of the ‘No Poster Campaign’ shows, an environmental awareness initiative by Jive Zimbabwe.

Sat 30, 2-5pm, A JAZZ afternoon with RUTE MBANGWA, PABLO& FRIENDS – sizzling jazz session, with two long-time music partners and their gifted friends. -cc$5

Sat 30, 6-11pm, Garden Stage: CHANGAMIRE HIP-HOP FESTIVAL



Paul Brickhill: Rest in Peace – you will be greatly missed

Book Cafe proprietor and liberation war veteran Paul Brickhill has died aged 56. He was diagnosed
with cancer in July this year and passed away on 3 October in Johannesburg. Comrade Brickhill was
born in 1958 and grew up in Harare during the period in which the liberation war was intensifying
rapidly. He refused to serve in the Rhodesian army and escaped from the country to join the
liberation struggle in 1976. He joined ZAPU in exile and immediately volunteered to serve in ZPRA,
in whose ranks his elder brother, Jeremy, was already serving. During his service in ZPRA
intelligence he undertook many dangerous undercover operations and was a fearless revolutionary

Following independence in 1980 he began his life-long career promoting culture in Zimbabwe,
founding the countrys first progressive bookshop  Grassroots Books  in 1981 and subsequently its
associated sister publishing company, Anvil Press. Together with his first wife, Pat Brickhill, he
played a leading role in developing Zimbabwean publishing and bookselling. He was elected
Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Book Publishers Association in 1991 and served on the Board of the
Zimbabwean International Book Fair for the following ten years. Together with colleagues in other
African countries he co-founded the two major African publishing organisations – the African
Publishers Network (APNET) and the Pan-African Booksellers Association.

At the same time, Paul pursued his own personal journey as a musician, establishing a series of
bands during the 1980s, including the popular Solidarity Band, which featured several young
musicians who were destined to find fame as the Bhundu Boys. Paul’s saxophone travelled across the whole country in those years, most usually to be found in the poorer working class township pubs
and clubs. In later years he and legendary jazz guitarist David Ndoro founded Luck Street Blues,
playing almost 1000 live shows in the years 1995-2005.

Paul, and his brother Jeremy, also played an important role during these years supporting ANC and
Ukhonto we Sizwe operations launched from Zimbabwe, hosting ANC cadres and providing logistical
support to the South African liberation struggle. Their activities led to the car bomb attack on
Jeremy Brickhill by apartheid agents in 1987. Apartheid agents later confessed that they had been
confused by the identities and tactics of the two brothers and were not sure which one to attack

In 1997 Paul expanded the original Grassroots Books concept into a multi-dimensional artistic
vision involving music, theatre, film, literature, poetry, art and craft and thus was born the
world famous Book Caf. Since then the Book Cafe has nurtured and promoted music and the arts under Paul Brickhill’s inspired leadership. Together with its sister organisation, Pamberi Trust, the Book Cafe has hosted over ten thousand shows and events, launched dozens of new artists, promoted  Zimbabwean and African music, literature and poetry, provided a venue for topical and political  dialogue and become a much loved and iconic beacon of artistic freedom and excellence.

In 2011 Paul Brickhill received a NAMA Award for services to the arts and in 2012 he was awarded a
Prince Klaus Award by the Government of the Netherlands in recognition of his role in establishing
the Book Cafe and his own life-long commitment to promoting the arts. Just last week he received the Artwatch Africa Lifetime Achievement Award on the opening night of the Shoko Festival in Harare.

Paul is survived by his brother, fellow war veteran Jeremy Brickhill, his first wife Pat and his
second wife Jennifer, and his four children Tomas, Liam, Amy and Declan.

Mourners are gathered at 6 Durban Road, Avondale, Harare. Funeral arrangements will be announced  shortly

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 CARA and Econet have  installed ‘Life Size’ video conference equipment into a College of Health Science Lecture Hall on the University of Zimbabwe’s main campus.

 ‘Virtual Lectures’ will be streamed in  to support the College of Health Science and the Faculties of Science and Veterinary Science in  areas currently lacking teaching staff, or who could benefit from engagement with the diaspora and/or international partnerships.


Population Census in Zimbabwe 18-28 August – how many people are in Zimbabwe? For more info click on 2012 Zimbabwe Population Census

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